As a parent with a toddler who seems to consume chicken and fries like it’s their job, we end up at McDonald’s quite a bit. One of the fantastic ideas Burger Clown came up with was this double drive-thru concept.

One lane that the employees couldn’t serve fast enough wasn’t enough, so they added another.  I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we see 3 or more lanes appear at our local restaurant. If you want to see a 2 lane drive-thru done right, take a look at any Rally’s restaurant. Two separate lanes, windows, speakers, the works. Did McDonald’s take note of this successful system when designing theirs?

Of course not. The individuals responsible for this abhorrent design should be prosecuted.

The primary problem with the double drive-thru is that there is no etiquette established for it’s use. We have no one to blame except for McDonald’s. They knowingly introduced a system that is flawed by design, and encourages blood pressure to rise and fights to break out. Don’t ask me what you’re supposed to do.  I say whomever finishes their order first is the next to go into the payment line, but I’ve seen all sorts of logic applied to the situation and it appears that McDonald’s doesn’t care. If they did, they’d offer some sort of guidance rather than just throwing it out there at every location across America with no explanation or signage.



I’m not sure where they tested this at and deemed it a benefit to the operation of the restaurant and success as a whole, but it sure doesn’t work here. I loathe going through here mostly due to the double drive-thru and knowing it’s going to be a generally awful experience throughout.

If I can offer any advice however, I advise you to always take the outside lane as it seems to be the pro move. I refuse to take the inside lane and essentially be trapped. The outside lane can easily prevent an insider from going forward, but the same is not true of an insider.