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SmartThings Hub Comparison – Find Out The Best Choice – Difference Between V1, V2, V3

A SmartThings hub comparison seems necessary. When I was looking to purchase a SmartThings hub it isn’t as easy as just hopping on Amazon and buying it. You quickly find that there is a V2 and V3 version readily available to buy. Which one do you buy? Samsung has continually made improvements to the SmartThings hub over the years. There have been 3 iterations of the hub. Let’s take a look at this SmartThings Hub Comparison and compare.

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Life After Lowe’s Iris Smart Home

About a month back, I got an email that Lowe’s smart home platform Iris was shutting down on March 31st. We don’t have as many devices as some, but we’ve got lights, locks, cameras, security and more on the platform and were pretty invested. What was my best plan of action to accommodate all we had before?

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Find The Source Of An Account Lockout in Active Directory

We had a user recently that was repeatedly locking out. I find this is typically from an old password on a phone, or a mapped drive with old stored credentials, though it could just be from another computer the user has forgotten about that they are logged in to.

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/Boot Partition Full

If apt-get isn’t working because your /boot folder is full, you will need to clean out /boot first. This is fairly common and can be mitigated by creating some cron jobs to keep your server up to date, which I will cover in a later post. I made these notes after running into this a couple of times on my own servers, and I hope it helps someone else.

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Azure AD Sync “Permission-Issue” – Error Code-8344

I had been working on troubleshooting our Azure AD Sync as I had realized we hadn’t had a successful sync in about a week. The only reason I knew was because we had made some changes in the AD and they were not syncing up to Azure. The sync process was reporting successful in the portal, even though this was not the case. I figured it would be good to talk about it here, in case I need the info again, and to help others who may have the issue as well.

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