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5 Best Extensions For VS Code – 2017

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s cross-platform IDE.  Its lightweight operation can be attributed to the fact that it does only the basics by default, and adds functionality via extensions. This allows you to start with the basics, and add only the things you really need. There are some Visual Studio Code extensions however, that I recommend to people as soon as you install the program. These are my top five.

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Azure AD Sync “Permission-Issue” – Error Code-8344

I had been working on troubleshooting our Azure AD Sync as I had realized we hadn’t had a successful sync in about a week. The only reason I knew was because we had made some changes in the AD and they were not syncing up to Azure. The sync process was reporting successful in the portal, even though this was not the case. I figured it would be good to talk about it here, in case I need the info again, and to help others who may have the issue as well.

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