Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s cross-platform IDE.  Its lightweight operation can be attributed to the fact that it does only the basics by default, and adds functionality via extensions. This allows you to start with the basics, and add only the things you really need. There are some Visual Studio Code extensions however, that I recommend to people as soon as you install the program. These are my top five.

1. Beautify

Beautify one of the most popular Visual Studio Code extensions. It lets you beautify your HTML, CSS, and Javascript code for better code readability and management.

2. Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense auto-completes filenames, so that you can save time when you include any links such as javascript, images, or CSS files.

3. ESLint

ESLint checks your javascript code as you write it and provides feedback within the IDE, with red and yellow squiggles under the warnings and mistakes in your code.

4. vscode-icons

vscode-icons adds icons to the files and folders in your project to more easily identify them.

5. Color Highlight

Color Highlight draws a box around any color codes in your files.