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Month: October 2017

Configuring VS Code to Debug PHP with MAMP

Using Xdebug with Visual Studio Code is something that’s pretty easy to setup, and is a tremendous help if you’re doing any PHP programming with VS Code. In this post, I’ll go through all the steps to get it all setup and working properly.

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SharePoint Online – Open File In The Web Application

In SharePoint Online, when you open a document directly from a document library, it will open it in the browser using the corresponding online application. However, if you open it via a direct link, whether that is a page, e-mail, or a custom link, it will download to your local machine. What can you do to get the desired behavior, and open in the corresponding online application if possible?

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/Boot Partition Full

If apt-get isn’t working because your /boot folder is full, you will need to clean out /boot first. This is fairly common and can be mitigated by creating some cron jobs to keep your server up to date, which I will cover in a later post. I made these notes after running into this a couple of times on my own servers, and I hope it helps someone else.

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5 Best Extensions For VS Code – 2017

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s cross-platform IDE.  Its lightweight operation can be attributed to the fact that it does only the basics by default, and adds functionality via extensions. This allows you to start with the basics, and add only the things you really need. There are some Visual Studio Code extensions however, that I recommend to people as soon as you install the program. These are my top five.

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