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SmartThings Hub Comparison – Find Out The Best Choice – Difference Between V1, V2, V3

A SmartThings hub comparison seems necessary. When I was looking to purchase a SmartThings hub it isn’t as easy as just hopping on Amazon and buying it. You quickly find that there is a V2 and V3 version readily available to buy. Which one do you buy? Samsung has continually made improvements to the SmartThings hub over the years. There have been 3 iterations of the hub. Let’s take a look at this SmartThings Hub Comparison and compare.

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SharePoint Online – Open File In The Web Application

In SharePoint Online, when you open a document directly from a document library, it will open it in the browser using the corresponding online application. However, if you open it via a direct link, whether that is a page, e-mail, or a custom link, it will download to your local machine. What can you do to get the desired behavior, and open in the corresponding online application if possible?

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/Boot Partition Full

If apt-get isn’t working because your /boot folder is full, you will need to clean out /boot first. This is fairly common and can be mitigated by creating some cron jobs to keep your server up to date, which I will cover in a later post. I made these notes after running into this a couple of times on my own servers, and I hope it helps someone else.

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